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25 Fun facts about the Rosemont neighborhood in Sacramento, California!

  1. The area where modern-day Rosemont sits was originally known as Brighton Township.
  1. Brighton Township was primarily farmland, with fruit orchards, ranches for cattle, chickens, and turkeys, and vast strawberry fields.
  1. Rosemont isn’t its own city, nor just a neighborhood, but a census-designated place (CDP) in Sacramento.
  1. Most people don’t realize that the name ‘Rosemont’ originated from the Rosemont Development Company Inc., the builder who constructed the first planned neighborhood development.
  1. A few original residents of the area remember a large sign the community had up, picturing a girl on a rocking horse with the words, “"For Your Kid's Sake, Live in Rosemont."
  1. The sign was part of a campaign for fluoridated water in Rosemont, which was considered good care for children's teeth.
  1. The first grocery store in the neighborhood of Rosemont was Lucky’s Supermarket, built in 1961 in the building that is now Rite Aid Pharmacy.
  1. Today, the neighborhood of Rosemont is bordered by Watt Avenue to the west, Bradshaw Road to the east, Folsom Boulevard to the north, and Jackson Road to the south.
  1. Rosemont encompasses an area of 4.3 square miles and has a population of 22,681, as of the 2010 census, which is actually down slightly from the 2000 census numbers.
  1. Rosemont has one of the highest concentrations of people working in government in the country. In fact, 14.5% of Rosemont’s workforce is employed by the government, which is more than 96.5% of all U.S. neighborhoods.
  1. Rosemont is extremely diverse linguistically. 6.5% of all residents speak Russia at home, which is more than 99.4% of all U.S. neighborhoods.
  1. But even more impressive is that Rosemont has the highest concentration of residents of Scottish and Ukrainian ancestry of any neighborhood in all of America! That’s right, 6% of all Rosemont residents are of Scottish origins, and 2.3% have Ukrainian ancestors.
  1. Most of Rosemont’s homes were built between 1940 and 1969, and then another building boom took place between 1970 and 1999.
  1. Most homes for sale in Rosemont have at least three or four bedrooms and large lots, making it ideal for families who want a spacious home without an equally large price tag.
  1. The median home sale price in Rosemont is currently $250,473, which is attractive because it’s less than 81.9% of California neighborhoods.
  1. Median rents are $1,216, which, like home prices in Rosemont, are lower than 74.2% of California neighborhoods.
  1. There are 8,363 households, 58.6% of which are owner-occupied, and 5,499 families in Rosemont. The average household size is 2.68 and the average family, 3.18 persons.
  1. Investors love buying real estate in Rosemont because of affordable prices, quality construction, and a bevy of renters who are looking to be an easy commute from Sac State University or work downtown.
  1. Part of the attraction of Rosemont is its close proximity to work and play in other parts of Sacramento. Close to Highway 50, residents can easily get to midtown or downtown, California State University, south toward Elk Grove, to Arden, and access the American River Parkway.
  1. Rosemont also has four Sacramento Regional Transit light-rail stations for commuters who want a quick, convenient ride downtown or out to Folsom.
  1. Thanks to its established history and longtime residents, Rosemont has plenty of civic and neighborhood groups, like the Rosemont Community Association, the Rosemont Community Foundation, a historical society, an annual community meeting, an active Neighborhood Watch, and a Sheriff's Activities League program, which seeks to foster friendship and build relationships between youths and local police.
  1. Most people don’t realize that Rosemont is one of only a handful of neighborhoods in Sacramento that’s entitled to free home energy audits.
  1. There’s an abundance of educational options for Rosemont residents, including three elementary schools, a middle school named after Albert Einstein, and a new high school, Rosemont High School, that was opened in 2003. Capital Christian School is a great option for parents who want to enroll their children in private schools. Rosemont is even home to an institution of higher learning, National University.
  1. The business climate is thriving in Rosemont, with supermarkets, pharmacies, plenty of restaurants, the California State Franchise Tax Board, a dozen churches and plenty of cafes and retail shops, many located along Kiefer Boulevard.
  1. There are plenty of choices for recreation in the area, including an iconic neighborhood roller-skating rink, six parks, a golf course, and access to the American River Bicycle trail.